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📈 Online apparel is a booming category with 💰 huge revenue potential. With competition on the rise, apparel brands need to get creative to stand out.

Here are 4️⃣ strategies to leverage the power of partnerships and grab a bigger piece of the action:

1️⃣ Use emerging partner channels like 🤳 influencers and 🤝 brand-to-brand partnerships to drive sales and attract new customers.

As the category of partnership broadens, apparel brands can use emerging partners like influencers and brand-to-brand partnerships to strengthen sales. Influencers can be particularly effective, especially with Gen Z, who rely heavily on social opinions and reviews before making purchases. Look for influencers who speak to your core audience and can provide valuable feedback on new apparel and accessories.

2️⃣ Take advantage of seasonality by strategically deploying offers and placements throughout gift guides on affiliate sites and with influencers.

Summer vacation and back-to-school periods present unique opportunities for brand partnerships that can attract outstanding traffic with content dedicated to these topics. By deploying offers and placements strategically, brands can drive revenue around key shopping days.

3️⃣ Align partnerships and offers to your specific KPIs, whether it’s new customer acquisition or increased order value.

For example, cross-promoting with another brand can be a fast way to acquire new customers, while finding partners to drive frequency and reach of offers can help grow AOV from existing customers.

4️⃣ Test and learn! Use a test-and-learn approach to determine the best tactics that align with your goals.

By implementing different activities with different partner types and commission structures, you can determine which models drive the most lift in AOV. Don’t forget to integrate partner marketing data into your customer analytics database to gain insight into partner programs.

Remember, with the right partnerships and strategy, growth is within reach!

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