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Content affiliates can provide a variety of services to brands across a wide range of industries. Their goal is to create relevant and valuable content that will be shared with their audience. Social media influencers, bloggers, and product review sites are all examples.

Partnering with content partners allows a brand to promote its products and services to loyal and highly engaged audiences. In addition, they use social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest to reach consumers with customised content, product reviews, sponsored posts, and newsletters.

Brands can benefit from content partners by supporting the following objectives:

  • Developing brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • Sales
  • New customer acquisition
  • Pushing specific products or product lines

Key points when working with content affiliates:

  • The payout for content affiliate partnerships is likely to be higher than for lower funnel partnerships
  • Providing exclusive discounts and/or complimentary products to content partners will support higher sales volumes
  • You should make the content publishing process as simple and seamless as possible for your content partners
  • Make sure your content partners have enough time to prepare high-quality content

Your Content Affiliates’ Key to Success

The work and income of your employees must be protected.

Customer journeys often include multiple touchpoints across multiple channels before they reach the point of purchase. A brand can see where the content affiliate influenced the sale as a result of customer journey insights that affiliate networks offer for affiliate orders.

In many cases, content partners drive the first click and introduce the brand. The efforts of these individuals provide the viewer with the fundamental information they need to understand the brand’s value proposition, but they will likely look to other sources, such as a voucher code or loyalty program offer, to validate their purchase.

In other words, ensure that the commission is paid to the content affiliate that referred the customer to the brand.

We use the 80/20 Coupon Split tool for our clients. This is a spin on the traditional 30 Day tracking gap, excluding clicks within two minutes of conversion, with a segregated 80/20 split for coupon affiliates, meaning content affiliates get 80%.

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